These Terms of Use and all additional policies and conditions (if applicable) on the Site provide for the terms and conditions we provide for your access and use of the Site, Services and Applications collectively the Services
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We reserve the right to provide new services and update or withdraw any Services at our sole discretion

Conditions of registration and use:
– You must be legal enough to be able to purchase products in the country in which you are offering our services
– Use a valid user name
– You should be able to provide an address in the areas where our services in the Kingdom are available for delivery
– You agree and agree that certain requirements may apply

The registration will be valid for an indefinite period of time subject to the possibility of suspension or cancellation at the discretion of the site administration or the violation of the use or conflict with local law and Islamic law, rules, ethics, values, ethics and traditions

Delivery and Return Policy:
– Simply terminate the purchase order on the site. The application is not valid until it is approved by us within 3 working days. The presentation of the materials, for example, is limited to the sale, delivery or cancellation of purchase orders due to considerations of stock or quality
– Orders or applications must be shipped within 15 working days from the date of confirmation of the application. It should be noted that the order must be paid in advance for items that require prior request, which are not available in our warehouses or that require Special conditions or manufacturing or otherwise are alerted
– We are committed to changing the product to the customer in the event of a factory defect or if the original condition of the shipping and transport conditions is affected by us or by our agents or contractors within 14 working days
– The customer can return the materials within a maximum period of 14 days provided that the original condition of the product And accessories will be returned to the customer via a bank transfer

Products included in the offers:
No product can be returned using a promotional element included in the original transaction (for example, buy a set of ink and get free ink, half price ) OR Gifts

:Refund Policy

Any amounts paid and received by us in connection with a canceled or returned product order will be refunded within a maximum period of 15 working days from the date of delivery of the materials at the warehouse or to our representative if the purchase was by bank transfer / credit card The amount will be refunded to the same account used in the original purchase

.If you choose to pay by cash/card upon receipt, the amount will be transferred to your bank account

Terms of Warranty:

All products displayed on the Store are subject to the guarantee of the Principal Agent of the State, unless expressly stated otherwise with respect to certain materials that have special warranty conditions or materials used and all subject to the operating conditions and proper use of the product as indicated by the manufacturer. Intellectual Property Rights: All content contained on the Site is contained in our proprietary rights, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, images, audio tracks, digital downloads, software, and more

The User undertakes and declares that he is responsible for his account on the Site and for its use and for (comments, links, images …), but not limited to, which violates the terms of use, is inconsistent with local law, Hate or have an ethnic, political or religious connotation

legal responsibility:
– Nothing in the Terms of Use shall relieve or limit legal liability in the event of fraud, fraud, fraud or commercial fraud between the parties
The liability of the Foundation and its operators, operators and developers shall be limited in case of disagreement with a customer to the extent of the goods or goods subject to dispute only in accordance with the price at which they were sold and the shipping fees collected. It does not include losses, claims and expenses incurred by the client as fees, For that
– Approval of compensation in the amount of SR 250 only, in which case the Corporation and its branches, employees, developers, agents and contractors shall -be disqualified in the event of any such dispute
– Without prejudice to any rights or remedies or liability to you, we may limit, suspend or withdraw your access to or use of the Services, cancel the request for any Products and / or delete the Content provided by you at our sole discretion. In order to avoid any doubt, any amounts paid and received by us will be refunded with respect to the request for products that have been canceled within a maximum of 15 working days from the date of delivery of the items in the warehouse or to our representative
– We are committed to ensuring that products and content contained on the Site comply with these Terms of Use. If the content contained does not fit these Terms of Use, please let us know and we will investigate you. You can contact us by e-mail or call our call center at 00966138170759 in Saudi Arabia during the official working hours of the Foundation from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
– Disputes relating to our services shall be resolved as soon as possible when the customer continues with us. The applicable law is the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The competent courts are the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • In the event of a force majeure, no party shall be responsible for the existence of loss, damage, delay or non-fulfillment of compelling reasons beyond the will, for example, but not limited to natural disasters, such as the laws, laws, labor strikes, power outages, Economic blockade …) and so on
  • No person shall have the right to waive his account or a right that has been proved to us without the written consent of us and all the provisions provided shall remain valid and effective even after the termination or suspension of your membership on the Site.