Venezuela Wedding Traditions

Venezuelan wedding events are colorful and celebratory. Guests are encouraged to stay for the reception and party before the wee hours. Various weddings online dating site reviews 2022 include a ‘crazy hour’ wherever guests dress up and party to loud music. During the ceremony, the wedding couple are veiled, but is actually perfectly appropriate to go out in public.

A few Venezuelan marriage traditions are the bride and groom jogging off for the afterparty have fun in their time with each other as a the wife and hubby. The bride and groom are both said to be assured good luck whenever they get away unnoticed. Guests who also catch them are also granted good luck. A second unique traditions in Venezuela is that the groom will bring the bride thirteen gold coins. This symbolically presents the groom’s willingness to provide for his better half. Some lovers may choose to exchange chocolate cash instead of coins.

Even though the Venezuelan wedding ceremony has a lot of commonalities to european cultures, you can also get some significant differences. First, the bride and groom will most likely have two wedding ceremonies. The civil wedding service is usually done in a court hosue, as well as the faith-based service may be in a spiritual area. The second marriage is considered the official marriage and the couple is considered “married” by law.

After the formal reception, friends will be asked to the ‘hora loca’ (or crazy hour). This ‘nightclub’ is a celebration that includes noise-makers, light-up stage sets, and ballet dancers.

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